Are You Blind To The Habits That Are Keeping You Stuck?


I started reading a very interesting book at the weekend called “How Women Rise - Break The 12 Habits Holding You Back”. Whilst I haven’t finished the book yet, it’s a very interesting read and one which I highly recommend.

One of the theories that the book discusses is the idea that not only are we blind to the habits that are keeping us stuck, BUT we also assume that the behaviours which worked for us in the past, will still work for us now. Truth be told, it’s these very habits that are actually getting in our way as we seek to become more successful!

I talked through this theory with my husband on our Sunday morning walk this weekend and he likened this theory to the successes and downfalls of his favourite football team Manchester United.

Until a few years ago, Manchester United were at the top of their game. The club was managed by Sir Alex Ferguson and he achieved great success at the club before retiring. He put this down to his dynamic way of thinking. Despite the club’s wins, Sir Alex was constantly changing club tactics. He would sell players at the drop of a hat with little explanation. This bewildered fans, who couldn’t understand why he was making changes, when he should just stick to the same strategy he’d used to win past matches and tournaments.

Now the one thing Sir Alex realised which very few others did, was that past strategies don’t necessarily guarantee future success and his constant desire to improve and to try new things, meant that he was always one step ahead of the curve.

Today Manchester United is managed by José Mourinho. Unfortunately for the club right now, it appears that one of the biggest obstacles standing in their way of success is Mourinho himself. My husband likened United’s current string of below par performances to the fact that Mourinho is unwilling to try new things. The strategies he has implemented so far this season and again last season, are the very same strategies that made him successful when he managed Chelsea.

Whilst i’m no avid football expert, I got what my husband meant. Mourinho is essentially refusing to believe that the strategies which worked for his club at an earlier stage in his career, no longer work now. The problem is he’s still clinging on. His unwillingness to try something new is getting in the way of him progressing to the next level because he’s unwilling to make the necessary changes.

As you read your way through this post, I want you to ask yourself the following question: are you as successful as you hoped you would be right now? If so then fantastic. If not, is it because you’re secretly blind to the habits that are keeping you stuck? And are the habits that you developed at an earlier stage in your career, now hindering your ability to progress to the next level?

Maggie ColetteComment