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Episode 32 - Most Things In Life Come With Sacrifice!

If you have big dreams and you have big goals and you're serious about making sh*t happen then guess what? It's gonna cost you!

  • If you want to lose weight, say no to the cookies;

  • If you want that promotion, say no to after work cocktails and yes hustling a little more;

  • If you're saving for a deposit on a house, sacrifice the luxury holidays and weekly spending sprees.

Over the past year I've sacrificed A LOT. Cocktails with the girls, date nights with the hubby, luxury holidays, binge watching Netflix.....all in the name of getting me and my business to where it is today! Are you willing to do what it takes to really go all the way?

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Episode 31 - Guest Interview with Laura Bartlett - Defying the Odds to Build a Beautiful Life!

Today's very SPECIAL Guest Interview is with the legendary Laura Bartlett - Founding Editor and CEO of Luxury Travel & Fashion Magazine, The House of Coco!

Last week, I caught up with Laura in person to interview her and I was blown away, not only by her manner, but also by her story.  

After appearing on Dragons Den in 2013, Laura has defied all odds to build her empire. After facing numerous challenges, including Bankruptcy, Laura's persistence, determination and sheer will, are an INSPIRATION to women around the world, that YOU CAN beat the odds and create a beautiful life and a successful business in the process! 

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Episode 25 - Guest Interview with Charlotte Francis, The Entrepreneur Taking The Toy Industry By Storm!

Today I'm interviewing Charlotte Francis - the game changing entrepreneur, taking the toy industry by storm!

Charlotte is the creator of Biankha and friends - a range of ethnic dolls designed to empower, motivate and inspire, in particular young girls of colour, to excel in the 21st century.

Hear all about Charlotte's mission, including why she's set to go global and her exciting talks with key players in the cartoon & animation industry!

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Episode 15 - What To Do When You Have Haters!

Today's Episode is all about the topic of Haters!

Ever heard the saying "Haters are gonna Hate"? 

Success and Hate are frequently interlinked, in that the more successful you become, the more criticism you will receive.

Today I’m sharing with you my top strategies for dealing with haters and as tempting as it is to fight back, RESIST where possible!

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Episode 2 - Controlling Negativity & Mastering Your Mindset

Last week got me thinking about negativity and all the things right now which aren’t serving me. Negativity is something which affects everyone at some point and we actually have much more control over negative influences that we think. Today, I offer advice on sources of negativity, what we can do and how we can raise our vibes to lead a more happy and fulfilling life. 

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