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Episode 28 - Why We Need To Take A Little More Risk!

In today's episode, I'm sharing some personal stories with you, on WHY we need to take a little more RISK! 

I've always been a bit of a risk taker. I'm that girl that often says YES, without thinking things through.

A lot of people view risk as a negative thing, when in fact it's both positive and necessary! 

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Episode 27 - How I Hit The Top 50 iTunes Podcast Chart & Why It's Important To Be Intentional!

Earlier this week, I found out I'd ranked in the Top 50 iTunes Podcast Chart for Careers....needless to say I was over the frickin moon!!!

Funnily enough, around six weeks ago, I decided to get intentional about my Podcast. Impact and consistency were at the top of my list, as was featuring in the Top 200 Podcast Chart (by the end of 2018).

So I communicated my desire to the Universe, I came up with a plan and actioned my intentions. Today's message is intentional about what you want, make a plan and take inspired action every single day!

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Episode 26 - Why You Need To STOP Overcomplicating Everything!

One thing we're all guilty of is OVERCOMPLICATING everything!

We do this without thinking, almost like a natural reflex. We then build something up in our heads so much, that we freak out and stop ourselves from achieving great things! 

Today I'm sharing with you WHY we ALL need to keep things SIMPLE!

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Episode 24 - STOP Feeling Guilty For Spending, Instead See It As Investing!

Today's episode is inspired by two of my favourite and money! When we make purchases, we often view them in an unhealthy light. We think that we're "spending" money, when nine times out of ten, we're actually "investing" our money. Whether we're broadening our skillset or generally up-levelling our life, we often feel enormous guilt when it comes to exchanging money. Why is this?!

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