There’s a common misconception that investing in legal support is “expensive". 


The truth is it's NOT.

It only becomes “expensive” IF you make legal an after thought in your business, rather than foundational to your business.

👉 you could be issued with a cease and desist and be forced to stop trading with immediate effect…😩

👉 it can be costly, time consuming, not to mention stressful...đŸ¤¯

👉 you could be forced to forfeit 100% of your profits, which could affect your bottom line and make or break your business...😭

👉 it could massively dent your confidence and make you question if you even have it in you to be in business...☚ī¸

🌟 You’re ready to be one step ahead, INSTEAD of two steps behind.

🌟 You want to protect your business, you just don’t even know where to begin…đŸ¤Ļ‍♀ī¸

🌟 Legal hasn’t really been a priority, as your main focus has been on sales…🙈

🌟 You would be DEVASTATED if you were forced to stop trading tomorrow…😭

🌟 You want to maximise your profits and minimise your refunds...💸

🌟 You're serious about prioritising legal and you would love a helping hand….😄

🌟 Protecting your reputation and selling legitimately is important to you! đŸ™Œ

I want to GET LEGIT!

Lucy Wheeler, aka Lucy Legal, provides template legal contracts and policies to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Lucy has experience working with businesses from start-ups to those with 7 figure turnover and also regularly supports business coaches, health and wellness coaches including nutritionists and life coaches and independent service providers who offer their services into large corporates.

Prior to founding Lucy Legal, Lucy worked in London and started her legal career in the City working in commercial litigation, where she was involved in one of the largest aviation commercial disputes where British Airways faced allegations of price fixing. Lucy also worked on large commercial contracts for the NHS and provided brand protection support to Unilever.

You can find templates for 1:1 contracts, website terms and conditions and privacy policies on You can also get support with brand protection and obtaining a trade mark to protect your business. If there is a contract or service that you need but can’t see it then do get in touch.

Magic Maggie is an Instagram® Coach & Agency Owner who mentors Female Entrepreneurs on how to go viral, grow their audience and sky rocket their sales through Instagram®.

A half English / half Peruvian Entrepreneur, Maggie quit the corporate world in 2017 to follow her dream of becoming her own Boss.

She started her first Instagram® account 4 years ago after launching a Luxury Travel Blog. 

After three painful years of trying to second guess the Instagram® algorithm, she finally hit the jackpot in 2019! She now go viral on the daily and help my clients monetise their business and brands through social media.  

You can find out more about Maggie and her services at

Over 3 hours of trainings on... 

👉 Where to even begin to legally protect your business;

👉 How to maximise your profits and minimise your refunds;

👉 How to sell legitimately online;

👉 What can go wrong if you don’t protect your business;

👉 Real life case study walkthroughs of the mistakes Maggie made in her business, including what she was legally challenged on;

👉 How to Think Like a Boss and build resilience; and

👉 How to sell authentically online.

You will also receive a downloadable PDF and checklist.

The only question we have left is would you rather risk facing legal action and get shut down OR would you rather protect your magic and get legit?

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